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Voltrxelectric protein shaker bottle to tell you the role of protein powder

As the saying goes, "seven points depend on practice and three points depend on supplement", which is known by fitness people. So how to eat protein powder for novice training? After exercise, protein powder can quickly repair the torn muscle and achieve the effect of muscle growth. So what is the function of protein powder?

Let's tell you:

Protein is an important part of the nutrition our body needs. Protein can play an important role in repairing our body functions. For example, when muscle cells or skin are damaged, we must obtain protein from foods with high protein content, which can speed up the recombination of wounds. In addition, protein also has a considerable role in repairing human muscles. When we strengthen muscle, muscle fiber cells are torn. At this time, protein can repair muscle fibers. When the torn muscle fibers are repaired, the muscle will become very thick, so the muscle will increase as a whole. Therefore, after muscle enhancement, you should eat more foods with high protein.

If you have entered the ranks of intermediate muscle enhancement, at this time, you have fully known the training methods of all muscles in the human body, and you can carry out a complete cycle training of human muscles every week. Then your demand for protein will greatly increase. The protein usually obtained from food is far from enough, so you need some external nutritional supplements to obtain protein, because a normal fitness lover can't eat dozens of eggs or a few kilograms of chicken every day. Because these foods are not all composed of protein, the human body can't stand this overload eating method at all.

The important component of protein powder is mainly whey protein, which is also the protein with the highest utilization rate of human body. It can quickly supplement the protein needs of the human body, so as to achieve a relatively better muscle increasing effect.



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