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Voltrx electric protein shaker bottle knows why people eat protein powder for fitness?

Why do you need protein powder for fitness?

What are the benefits of whey protein powder? Why are gym people drinking? Is it really so magical?

There are many sources of protein, including egg protein, soybean protein, milk protein and so on. Whey protein is one of them. It is extracted from milk!

The source of each protein is different, and its characteristics are slightly different. Why is whey protein so popular among fitness people!

1. Help build muscles

Whey protein is called the king of protein. The ingredients in whey protein can reduce the loss of muscles during training, so as not to waste our hard work. In addition, muscle is composed of protein, and only sufficient protein will help us build muscle fibers. They are also very helpful for repairing muscles after training.

2. Contains essential amino acids

In the human body, there are several amino acids that cannot be synthesized by themselves. We must take them from external food. However, whey protein contains every necessary amino acid, so that we will not be hindered by lack of materials when synthesizing muscle.

3. Easy to carry and drink

We want to get protein, of course, by eating. However, if you only have a short period of time and can't prepare your own food, it's very convenient to make a whey protein drink! Just a shaking cup with a fixed amount of protein powder, so you can pick it up and drink it wherever you go!

4. High absorption efficiency

The absorption effect of each food is different. For example, in terms of protein, the protein absorption effect of eggs is the best. However, if you have doubts about cholesterol or can't plug so many eggs, choose the whey protein drink with the second absorption fruit!

5. Make up the missing protein

Muscle repair requires carbohydrate energy and protein, so neither can be lacking. When we don't eat enough protein in a day, it's difficult for muscles to repair. Generally speaking, the protein in a protein powder is equivalent to the content of 5-8 eggs

If you can't get enough protein at dinner, rely on supplements! Of course, a good choice of diet is the most correct way! You can't rely entirely on supplements!



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