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The protein shaker bottle can remove all the lumps in my protein shake!

Do you know that you get that feeling when you go over a place with a vacuum cleaner and clean up all the crunchy dirt? Looking at this thing with a lot of protein, I feel the same way. Very satisfied! ! I usually don't write reviews unless I have a strong feeling about the electric shaker bottle, but this electric shaker bottle is very good value for money. I will never go back to shake the bottle.

I like the protein shaker bottle, but I use it so much that I ran out of battery quickly. Completely change the rules of the game. This function is great. I can mix my bulletproof coffee and protein powder immediately without lumps. If you are debating a protein shaker bottle, please stop and get a protein shaker bottle, because you will not be disappointed. Well done on another powerful and high-quality electric shaker bottle. Very touched.

I like this electric water bottle. The protein shaker bottle is very suitable for office use, especially USB charging (only our office appliances), and it is quite quiet (no annoying colleagues use a deafening blender, or a ten-minute shaker).

It can be easily cleaned after every use.

My colleagues are surprised and want to get one

Excellent mixing cup for standard protein powder and supplement powder. I have purchased this electric shaker bottle twice-because I accidentally dropped the first one and broke the lid. The electric bottom is rechargeable and powerful-more important than the replaceable battery option (I also have that version.) Select this option. Value for money.

I like this electric water bottle! The protein shaker bottle can remove all the lumps in my protein shake! Everyone who saw the protein shaker bottle in my "box" said they wanted one! I also have an older model, and the battery of this model can last a long time. My new one has not been long enough to know how long the protein shaker bottle can last.



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