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I like that I use protein shaker bottle.

This is a shaker bottle. If you are not familiar with protein shaker bottle, protein shaker bottle is the only shaker bottle you need. The only reason I bought another bottle is that my 15-year-old electric shaker bottle doesn't look so fresh anymore. In addition, the function of the protein shaker bottle is just like new. It may be related to the simplicity of the design... the great electric shaker bottle.

If you need a larger shaker, this is a good deal. The protein shaker bottle will not leak around the lid. The seal is good. The protein shaker bottle has a shaker ball. It is easy to clean. Use non-abrasive materials and mild soap when cleaning. It seems to maintain the best condition under these conditions. The delivery speed is very fast.

I have already purchased a few of them (I have to continue to buy them because my husband makes them work). Durable, easy to clean, easy to drink wide-mouthed vegetable/fruit smoothie, the detachable lid is great and won't loosen (it won't accidentally spill...but it must be closed tightly!).

There is nothing to say about these shakers, except that protein shaker bottles are very good at doing protein shaker bottles. My pre-workout mixes well and does not leave any unmixed powder. I have bought these in the past and will definitely buy more in the future.

it works! I like that I use protein shaker bottle. I have no problem at all. I even mixed the protein shaker bottle with bananas. I like it and would definitely recommend protein shaker bottle



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