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It’s better to run at night or take a walk. To lose weight, run at night or take a walk

After eating every night, we will find a large group of people going out to exercise. Some people choose to walk around the park a few times; some choose to jog along the highway. These two have their own advantages, so do you think it is better to run every night or take a walk? Should we lose weight by running at night or taking a walk? Let's take a look at the fitness knowledge!


It’s better to run at night or take a walk. To lose weight, run at night or take a walk


   It’s better to run every night or take a walk

   Walking and running at a suitable intensity for a certain period of time after work, after tea and meals, can regulate the excitement of the cerebral cortex, help us eliminate fatigue, maintain relaxation and clear mind, and can also regulate human balance and motor function to a certain extent. Night running and walking involve the same muscle groups and different intensity exercises, which will lead to different results. As for which one is better, it depends on your own needs.


It’s better to run at night or take a walk. To lose weight, run at night or take a walk


   Is it a night run or a walk to lose weight?

   If we want to lose weight, we still choose night running, because night running has the following benefits:


  1, can maintain body weight and waist circumference

   If you want to control your weight and waist circumference, running at night is the best choice. According to statistics, almost all night runners are thinner than walkers. In maintaining weight and waist circumference, night runners do better than walkers because the human body is in a tight state during night running. It consumes more calories in time than walking.


  2, can reduce food intake

Walkers have a stronger appetite than night runners. After exercise, the level of a peptide hormone in night runners increases significantly. There is no increase in these substances in the body of people who walk. This is a chemical substance that can suppress appetite. So if you want to eat less if you want to lose weight, run at night first.


  Notes on running and walking at night

   You need to pay attention to running at night. One is not to run too long on an empty stomach, and the other is not to run immediately after a meal. If you run at night, it is best to have dinner earlier and try to run again two hours after dinner. Walking is a relatively low-intensity relaxation exercise. One is to pay attention to the grasp of time, and the other is to pay attention to the control of speed and avoid strenuous exercise after meals.



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