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The difference between wide grip high pull down and narrow grip pull down

  Although some movements look very similar, there is actually a difference between the two movements.

  What is the difference between wide grip high pull down and narrow grip pull down?

  First of all, the movements of these two movements are different, because the way we hold the handle is different, so the arm force is also different, and the same exercise effect is also different. If it is a wide grip high pull down, then we are more training to the size of the round muscle. But if we are to choose a narrow grip pull down, then the action is more able to exercise to our latissimus dorsi. So these two movements in the exercise effect and exercise methods are different.

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  How to do a wide grip high pull down

  This action needs to be completed with the help of equipment, at first we sit on the bench of the equipment, let our body sit straight, chest and abdomen, at this time we hold the handle of the equipment with both hands, pay attention to the distance between the hands than our shoulders to be wider. This time we adjust our breathing, let our hands force, the weight will be pulled down hard to our body, note that this time the chest also needs to force, and we will pull down the weight in the process, our chest is expanded.

  Narrow grip pull down how to do

  Preparatory exercise and wide grip pull down is the same, and we mainly hand movements are different, this time we hand grip weights is narrow distance, that is, our arms need to be narrower than the shoulder, if we pull down the weight in the process, our back is clenched backwards, so for our back training has a very good effect.

  The above is the difference between the wide distance high pull down movement and narrow grip pull down, so that when we exercise, we can better be able to separate the two movements, but also better able to choose the right exercise for themselves, so as to achieve a better exercise effect.



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