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Should I clip my scapula when pulling hard?

  First: Retracting the shoulder blades increases the distance the barbell can travel

  "Tuck your shoulder blades back together in an effort to increase back tightness" but this is actually increasing the distance the bar moves. Retracting the scapulae together makes the arms shorter, making it more difficult for the hands to grab the bar.

  Point 2: Failure to keep tension in the latissimus dorsi

  Retracting the shoulders back and retracting the scapulae will keep you from connecting to the latissimus dorsi! The latissimus dorsi is strong and powerful and provides more stability to the spine during a hard pull, while preventing the back from rounding up during the movement.

  Third: Squeezing your shoulder blades when pulling up on the barbell will make you overstretch your chest and buckle your ribs, leading to the risk of hyperextension of the lumbar spine!

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  Hard pulls require a lot of back muscle involvement, though not as much active force as you might think! Isometric contractions of the back muscles are full of tension, responsible for stability and power transmission, protecting the spine in a neutral position from being taken away and not producing movement while the normal physiological arc of the spine does not change!

  The scapula plays a stabilizing role in the hard pulling process

  Keep your scapula firmly in the pocket, in its natural position, and hold it throughout the hard pull, without you having to make it move! Also keep your shoulders slightly externally rotated and pull the barbell tight, which will help you activate your latissimus dorsi!



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