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Which exercises consume high calories

  Weight loss is the demand of many office workers, and the best way to lose weight is to work. For people who are busy with work every day, want to take time to go slow and exercise, so it is not possible. Their requirement for exercise to lose weight is to lose weight as soon as possible, so they are more inclined to choose exercises that consume high calories.

  Jumping rope exercise

  Jumping rope movement can be said to consume relatively more calories, because jumping rope movement belongs to the whole body blood circulation, when doing jumping rope movement, the arms need to swing the rope back and forth, waist and abdomen need to control the balance of the body, legs and feet should be hard to jump and control the balance of the body when landing, do adjust the movement can make the whole body blood circulation speed up, can make the metabolism of the organs speed up, also Can make a lot of fat burning, so that this exercise to burn calories the best effect.

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  Fitness Exercise

  Gymnastics fat burning effect is very good, because gymnastics can make people rhythmic movement, so that in the process of exercise will not feel very fatigue, but also to enhance the body's sense of rhythm and balance, gymnastics for the control of the rhythm of movement will be a combination of fast and slow, so that you can consume calories can also make physical strength to rebound, the effect of weight loss will be very good.

  Swimming exercise

  Want to lose weight can be used to swim, because when swimming the arms need to force the water, waist and abdomen need to control the balance of the body, even breathing and exercise combined with each other, the legs also need to force the stirrups water, and the water will form a certain resistance to the movement, this resistance is much greater than the resistance formed by the wind when running, so swimming is also a very good fat burning effect of a sport.

  Run stairs

  Run stairs is also low cost but high weight loss effectiveness of the movement, ordinary line of stairs for weight loss is not much help, but run stairs but the effect of calorie consumption, even better than loess running! Running stairs can also exercise to the lower limb strength, but the burden of running stairs for the knee is greater, knee injuries or obese body shape is not very suitable for running stairs.



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